“I loved, loved, loved reading Raising Hell or Raise Them Well! It’s informative, organized, and well written. Edye Deloch-Hughes’s passion oozes off the pages. It feels like Edye is speaking directly to the readers with her honesty. She shares her own personal stories and journeys of raising her children and provides advice from the heart on the importance of parents taking care of themselves as well their children. Readers will learn A LOT from this book.” – Allison, “World’s Greatest Aunt”

“I applaud Edye’s comprehensive insights shared in Raising Hell or Raise Them Well.  In this complex world we live in today, parents and caretakers of children need straight talk, sound advice, and lots of understanding and support. I would recommend this book as a must read for anyone looking for guidance!” ” – Dr. Donna Cotton-Cornelius, Psychologist, Parent Coach, Mom, and Author of Heal your Life; Love your Children!

“I love this this book because of its attention to and focus on raising children to be productive members of society. I believe “Raising Hell or Raising Them Well” is a welcome addition to the broad range of books that try to help parents in corralling the out of control behavior that we are facing in this nation. It uses Scripture along with exercises to give parents (or anyone raising a child) a strong base of operations for molding that child into a well prepared adult. Kudos to Edye Deloch-Hughes.” – Kenard Crosby

“What I enjoyed about this book it is not written by some clinical doctor in a sterile environment, but by a mother, an entrepreneur, a mentor, an educator and a substitute teacher. She had several sons with learning disabilities, she taught and helped them navigate through the school system to become successful men. She was the president of a school parenting program and started a tutoring and mentoring program within the school. She is a substitute teacher with multiple school systems working with kids with various learning and physical disabilities. Someone with real world experiences! This book reaches out to those parents/guardians who are having difficultly not only with raising their children but with things in their past that affects them in raising their own children. This is an easy and great read that gets back to old school principles and faith based principles of how our parents and our communities raised kids. This book is a must read for anyone raising children in today’s challenging world. Loved it, kudos to the writer! – Darryl Hughes

“Awesome book! A must read for parents!” – Amazon Customer

I found  it  to  be  very  captivating,  informative  and  intriguing. I could  not  put  it  down. I started  reading  it  late  Saturday  evening  and  finished  it  at 7:00 pm on  Sunday. I also  like  the  spiritual  guidance  as  well. It  was  once  said  that  we  were  not  given  a handbook  for  raising  children. Well  l have  to  say  that  we  have  one  now. – VICKI  YOUNG!!!

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