Edye Deloch-Hughes has a life mission: To use her talent and creativity to motivate, educate and inspire others so they in turn, may pass it on. “Raising Hell or Raise Them Well” is an example of that mission.

A hybrid of many talents and skills, Edye served as creative director, writer, and strategist for top Chicago agencies and corporations. She is also a published author, blogger, educator, game producer and entrepreneur. Edye and her game designer husband, Darryl Hughes, own Hughes Who Productions, a game development/creative service house in the Chicagoland area.

Though she is an accomplished professional, Edye’s major success is as mom to her two boys and mentor to other parents and youth. Edye’s personal experiences co-raising African-American sons with learning differences gave her keen insight into the hell raising challenges of raising kids of color. She also realized that she had to address unresolved issues from her past because they often negatively influenced how she resolved parenting conflicts. Edye discovered that the parenting books she encountered targeted the general market. They rarely addressed the unique challenges multicultural parents face every day.

So Edye wrote her own book.

“Raising Hell or Raise Them Well” is a faith inspired self-help guide that gives spiritual insight and practical advice to parents and parent figures who are under-served and under siege. Says Edye: “Negative experiences from our past and present affect how we raise our kids to succeed in the future. We’ve got to stop raising hell so we can raise our kids well.”



Edye served in these organizations:

  • African American Parents for Purposeful Leadership in Education (A.P.P.L.E.), Oak Park IL
  • Supported Education Association of Oak Park/River Forest
  • ChildServ, Chicago
  • Renewed Minds Mentorship Ministry of the Apostolic Church of God Chicago.
  • District 90 of River Forest, IL


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