Edye Deloch-Hughes
Raising Hell or Raise Them Well™

A faith-inspired self-help guide
for parents and parent figures
who are under-served
and under siege.

Raising Hell:
Allowing unresolved anger and hurt to negatively affect how you raise your kids.

Raise Them Well:
Healing old wounds so you can parent in a healthier way.

Do you raise hell or raise your kids well? Most of us do both. We all carry our fair share of baggage. Some we acknowledge, some we don’t, and some we don’t know we hold. As parents, we often allow our personal demons to affect how we raise our kids. Raising Hell or Raise Them Well asks you to examine yourself, mend the torn pieces, and man-up (or wo-man up) to personal stuff that needs correcting. When you heal your wounds, you can parent your kids in a healthier way.

Unlike general market parenting books, Raising Hell or Raise Them Well is real talk advice with vital information and words of faith to empower you and improve your parenting game. It offers you options and support on how to raise your children to be respectful, intelligent, and happy in this current world. And through it all, it shows you how to ask God for guidance.

90 Parent Points:

  • Love
  • Meaningful Connections
  • Communication
  • Keeping Commitments
  • Character Building
  • Discipline
  • School Involvement
  • Safety

PLUS! Engaging exercises, helpful resources, scriptures, prayers, quotes, and affirmations.

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“Raising Hell or Raise Them Well™” is for:

Moms, dads, baby mamas, baby daddies, noncustodial parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, Godparents, foster parents, guardians, stepparents, caregivers—whoever raises kids!

  • Buy it for yourself
  • Use it as part of your parenting workshop
  • Give it as a gift of love

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Edye Deloch-Hughes has a life mission: To use her talent and creativity to motivate, educate and inspire others so they in turn, may pass it on. “Raising Hell or Raise Them Well” is an example of that mission.

A hybrid of many talents and skills, Edye served as creative director, writer, and strategist for top Chicago agencies and corporations. She is also a published author, blogger, educator, game producer and entrepreneur. Edye and her game designer husband, Darryl Hughes, own Hughes Who Productions, a game development/creative service house in the Chicagoland area. READ MORE

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